About Us

Amit Ashok Battu, Certified Personal Financial Advisor (CPFA-1), MBA (Marketing) and B.E (Mech) is Mutual Fund Distributor and founder of BATTU Investments , a Mutual Fund, Life Insurance and FDs Distribution Firm. We do not take any fees from Clients. We receive only Commission/ Brokerages/ Incentives from Products Distribution

At BATTU Investments, our approach is based upon the principle that a sound financial base is essential in order to achieve your aims in life – and that to achieve this, you need to proper guidance. Therefore, We suggest products at the pace that suits you best.

Products we suggest are matched to the objectives and priorities of our individual clients, we do not suggest off-the- shelf products. We try to look at the financial side of your life as a whole, while paying the greatest possible attention to detail in each of the specific areas that concern you most.